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Solar Heating Installations

All materials used in the solar panel manufacturing process are of the highest quality and a specialized pipe grade.  The materials are also UV treated and the grommets are stress-crack tested.  Our highly trained SOLNET installers (no casual workers) will ensure an aesthetically pleasing and functional installation.

Solar energy is the most energy efficient method of heating, available on the market. Solar pool water heating systems are much simpler in design than those used in heating household water and both imported and locally manufactured systems are currently available on the South African market.

With this inexpensive method, the temperature of the water in the swimming pool will increase with between 6C° to 12C° subject to weather conditions. To obtain this result, we suggest the installation of solar panels [3,75m² each] equal to the surface area of the pool.  This system requires no maintenance and/or electricity to operate and has a 10 year warranty. The downside of this system is that the energy from the sun is not on demand. 

To enable the system to operate properly taking in account the added head pressure, a good filtration system is highly advisable.  

A clean pool and filtration system is very important to your health and to maximize the performance of your solar heating system. 

Solar Pool Heating Projects

pool heating panels

solar pool heating panels 2

solar pool heating panels on roof

sola pool panels on flat roof

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