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Pool Pumps & Filter Installations

Swimming Pool Pumps and filters are an essential part of your pool's running system.  It ensures that your swimming pool water is pumped and filtered through the system, 

Having said that, it leaves your pool water clear of small objects being sucked up by your "Baracuda" | "Creepy Crawly" etc. 

To enable the system to operate properly taking in account the added head pressure, a good filtration system is highly advisable.  A
 clean pool and filtration system is very important to your health and to maximize the performance of your solar heating system. 

A variety of pool pumps and filters are available.

The pool pump and filter is absolutely vital for running a hassle free swimming pool.  It provides the circulation required to keep the water filtered and sanitized.

A clean pool is a healthy pool, at the same time giving you peace of mind when swimming, knowing your family swims in healthy clean, clear water.

Pool Pumps, Filters and Salt Water Chlorinators

pool filter

pool pump

pool filter pump and chlorinator

pool filter pool pump and pipework

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